Max Anstie remains resolute and optimistic, undeterred by last weekend’s setback. Despite the challenge, his sights are set on winning the championship, with five rounds left on the East Coast. The Firepower Honda team is fully committed to supporting him, pulling out all the stops to give Max the best shot at victory.

Team Principal Martin Davalos is confident in Max’s abilities, acknowledging the difficulties faced last week but emphasizing how it has brought the team closer together.

“Max is a champion rider, fully capable of winning. Last week’s incident was unfortunate, but it wasn’t anyone’s fault, we are a great team and this has brought us closer together. We experienced a failure with an aftermarket part we purchased. We’ve identified the issue and worked tirelessly this week to address it. Our bike and Max are in top form, and our focus is solely on tonight’s event,” stated Davalos.

Despite slipping to 8th place, 21 points behind the leader, Anstie remains determined to chip away at the point deficit.

“I’m focused on giving my best shot at winning. We have the bike and the team to do it. Improving my starts is crucial, but we’ve shown our speed – we qualified 1st last week. I’m not dwelling on the past; my focus is on tonight,” expressed Anstie.

While Dean Wilson is sidelined, he remains hopeful for a return in the upcoming rounds, bolstering the team’s spirit and determination.


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