Muc-Off Honda Racing’s Justin Brayton will unfortunately sit out at Daytona this weekend, as he continues to recover from a lingering injury sustained following a practice crash.

The 2018 Daytona winner is committed to returning to racing ready to repeat a podium performance like that of round two in Houston, earlier this year.

“I was really hoping to be back for Daytona so I am pretty bummed to not be racing this weekend, it wasn’t an easy decision. I know we are capable of another podium, repeating our performance in Houston is my focus, but I can’t compete at this level when I am not 100%.” Brayton said.

Brayton’s foray into stock car racing last week was a chance to sit behind a wheel and let the car do the talking, asserting how different 4-wheel racing is to hitting a challenging supercross track.

“I know people watched me compete last week in a car race but racing supercross is a whole other thing, our bodies really take a beating over the course of the night. Turning a steering wheel is so different to hitting whoops and my chest hasn’t fully recovered so I need to make sure it does so I can get the results my team deserves.” Brayton finished.

Muc-Off Honda’s 250cc rider Mitchell Oldenburg will step in for Brayton again and is more prepared this time round.

“I wasn’t ready in Orlando; I literally had a day to prepare on a bike I had never ridden so I am glad to have another go and try to do more justice for the team.” Oldenburg said.

As uncertainty loomed on Brayton’s return, Oldenburg flew to North Carolina in the lead up to better prepare for his second outing in the 450 class.

“We had the speed in Orlando to make the main but there is nothing certain in racing once the gate drops and a series of factors hindered our chances of making the main. My goal for Daytona is to make the main and put in a really solid night of racing.” Oldenburg finished.

The team’s West Coast 250 rider, Mitchell Harrison is seeking redemption after crashing whilst in a top 10 position in round one.

“It was a rookie mistake; I was in a reasonable position and threw it away. We’ve had two solid weeks of riding and testing and I feel we will do better this weekend.” Harrison said.

The Supercross at Daytona this weekend has sold out but you can watch it live via


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