Fire Power Honda Racing will shake things up for 2022, with a two-rider effort in the 250 East Coast Region of the 2022 Monster Energy Supercross Championship and Martin Davalos has signed on as Team Manager. A part of the American series since 2020, the team has achieved modest success at the highest levels and aims to improve its results in the season ahead.

Davalos is no stranger to the demands of the AMA. The Ecuadorian competed in America for 15 years with a can-do attitude that netted him five wins, 24 podiums, and 46 top-five finishes from 101 starts in the 250 Class. The determined racer stepped up to the 450 Class in 2021, and his one top-five finish and seven top-10 results earned him the Rookie of the Year award.

Davalos announced his retirement from full-time competition in America in 2021 and will now turn his attention to managing the Fire Power Parts Honda Racing Team from its new base of operations at the Millsaps Training Facility in Georgia.

“I am pumped for this new chapter with Fire Power Honda Racing. I was hoping an opportunity like this would come my way, as I know I have a lot to offer the team,” said Davalos. “I’m looking forward to managing the program from MTF in Georgia and to being involved in testing and development as well. The team has a championship-winning program in Australia, and I believe in its direction in America for next year. Relocating the team to MTF will be a huge advantage, as it will help get the most out of a program that wants to contend for championships. We have signed two riders and have a lot in place already.”

Yarrive Konsky, Factory Honda Australia’s Team Owner, shares the high hopes and is pleased to welcome Davalos for the coming season.

“After travel restrictions made it difficult for me these past two seasons, I needed someone to help manage the program in America, so I am really happy Martin is on board,” shared Konsky. “I believe he will have a big impact on the crew and the riders. He has certainly earned the respect of his peers for a reason.”

After experiencing the no-nonsense approach MTF has towards training and professionalism first-hand, Konsky believes moving from California to Georgia was a necessity. “I’ve trained at MTF, and the professionalism and dedication they have for their athletes is what I wanted the team to experience. They support their athletes in all areas of racing, and their commitment is unwavering. We are fortunate they welcomed our program,” Konsky continued. “The connection between MTF and Fire Power Honda Racing goes back years and has been an element in the team’s past success. I first met Gavin Faith at MTF, brought him to Australia, and we won championships together, so it’s fitting that our groups will work together in 2022.”

The team has signed riders Jordon Smith and Jarrett Frye to race the all-new 2022 Honda CRF250R during the nine-round 250 East Coast Region of Supercross.

Jordon Smith enters the seventh year of his career with an already- impressive resume. The 25-year-old from North Carolina turned pro in 2015 and has claimed three Main Event wins and 13 podiums in the 250 Class. A long-time resident of MTF, Smith will seamlessly transition to the team. “I am excited to join Fire Power Parts Honda Racing next year! The team has shown promise the past two seasons, and the changes they are making for next year will help us all,” said Smith. “Being in Georgia and at MTF will give us an ability to be better prepared, and I believe that will make a massive difference to our results. Martin is very meticulous and focused, and that will make us all accountable. I can see why he was so successful as a racer, and it’s already translating into our preparation for next year.”

Jarrett Frye has shown plenty of potential over the past year and a half, and with three top-15 finishes to his credit, the 20-year-old from Maryland is ready to step up in 2022. “This past year proved challenging, and riding with injuries while feeling the pressure to race was hard. But, because I knew I didn’t have a deal for 2022, I persevered and did my best,” said Frye. “Being at MTF has been great and getting to work with Martin is unbelievable. There aren’t many team managers in the pits who have his achievements. He knows what it takes and is working hard to build a solid program.”

Jarrett and Jordon have been testing with the team for the past six weeks, and Konsky is proud of the group for believing that the program will help them race at their potential.

“We all know injuries hinder a riders’ full potential,” stated Konsky. “I have spoken to Jordon over the years and have always wanted to work with him. I believe in him because he applies the skills, desire, and commitment to racing. Jarrett was also at the top of our list. I studied his amateur career, pro results, and technique, and if he wants it bad enough, he is more than good enough. Finally, Martin’s experience and outlook are what we needed to give us the strength to be a winning program.”

“Our focus is the East Coast Supercross region, but we haven’t ruled out racing two or three rounds of Pro Motocross and bringing the riders, including Davalos, to race in the Australian Supercross championship,” stated Konsky.

Fire Power Parts has increased their support for 2022 and will take on title sponsorship rights. ” Fire Power Parts were partners for this season, and we’re excited that they have stepped their support up for 2022. In addition, the team will announce several new sponsorships for next year in the coming weeks,” concluded Konsky. “I want to thank Muc-Off for their support this season, and though we have agreed to go in different directions for 2022, both of our groups are better for the time spent together.”

Team line up:

Team Owner – Yarrive Konsky
Team Manager – Martin Davalos
Team Rider – Jordon Smith
Mechanic – Justin Hopson
Team Rider – Jarrett Frye
Mechanic – Mackenzie Engel
Engine – Jamie Ellis – Twisted Development
Suspension – Mike Haist -Factory Connection
Design – Rhys van Slooten
Truck Driver – TBC
Media – TBC
Trainers – Colleen Millsaps, Brian Johnson, and Jacob Pennisi.


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