The newly formed Firepower Honda team has been busy testing and preparing between rounds and Team Manager Martin Davalos feels it’s time for Smith to race for a podium.

“We have been testing a lot between the break. I also did a lot of testing for the team. We tested new engine parts and chassis parts. I feel we have made some improvements and its time for Jordon (Smith) to race a podium,” said Davalos.

Jordon Smith agrees with Martin as the improvements made to the motorcycle should put him in a better position to race for podiums.

“As soon as we got home from Indianapolis we got to work, we received a new race motor from Twisted and Factory Connection provided some new chassis parts and suspension settings. Overall, Marty and I have really improved the bike and its time I race for a podium,” said Smith.

Jarret Frye has also received some updates and hopes to turn his season around.

“It’s been a tough year. Marty worked with me and tested my bike, and we made some improvements. I didn’t ride as much as I wanted to between the break as I had a bad fall. I am feeling better, and I want to turn things around this weekend in St Louis,” said Frye.

Team trainer Bryan Johnson from MTF says the boys have been putting in the work and there are no more excuses.

“There are no more excuses, the team is doing everything they can, training has been going well and Marty worked hard these past few weeks testing both rider’s bikes. He still has the speed to run up front and his knowledge is invaluable. Its time for Jordon to race for a podium and for Jarrett to race for a top 10,” said Johnson.

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Photos by Michael Antonovich


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