The Firepower Honda is the leading privateer team in the 450 and 250 class and they are focused on fighting for race wins on the East Coast in the fast paced 250 class.

Team Manager Martin Davalos is constantly readjusting his expectations as he leads his team of people on a continued path of development.

“We have some great people in our program, and we are extremely thankful for them. Factory Connection and Showa are working across our 250 and 450 program respectively. Vortex Ignitions, HGS exhausts and our performance partners Web Cams and Wossner are also very committed. The 250 class is very competitive and every tenth of a second matters” said Davalos.

Max Anstie sits in 2nd place in the championship and understands the importance of consistency.

“Whilst we will fight for race wins, we will also try and maintain our position in the championship.  Its easy to override and make a mistake and that’s something I aim to avoid” said Anstie.

Dean Wilson is eager to crack the top ten and has enjoyed some time away from California, he has been training in Florida with the Lawrence brothers and hopes it makes the difference.

“These guys keep it fun, and they are riding well. It’s been great to be around them and I believe its helped me. I know we have a great bike and I know I have the speed to be inside the top 10. I need some good starts and I need to be faster in the fast part of the race. I hope to turn it around today,” said Wilson.

Martin Davalos is enjoying his new role in racing following his retirement.


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