Less than twenty-four hours on from the conclusion of the fourth race of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross, Houston, the Fire Power Honda team is still full of excitement. The first trip to Texas was so positive for the ‘red’ team – Max Anstie delivered a trophy to the truck via a superb second place in the 250SX East main.

Where to even start? Anstie was on top form from the moment that practice started; he ripped to the best lap time in both timed sessions and therefore topped timed qualifying with a comfortable advantage. Such a performance made his intentions quite clear and attention soon turned to the night show, where he took second in the heat race and secured a positive position on the start line for the 250SX East main event.

Anstie did not have quite as good a start in the main event, but he did exit turn one in fifth and made quick progress. It took just eight laps for him to advance into second place, thanks to his incredible speed in the whoops, and he settled into that position for the rest of the main. ’63’ eventually hit the finish in the runner-up spot and therefore sits second in the 250SX East points, which is a great place to start the year from.

Moments after Anstie chucked champagne over his team members, the 450SX main fired into life and Dean Wilson made even more steps forward in that stint. Wilson was classified in twelfth at the end of the night, a season-best result and one that took him even closer to the top ten. ’15’ sits thirteenth in the points and just fourteen points from a position inside of the top ten.

It was a very hectic day in Houston; Gage Linville made his 250SX debut and immediately impressed. Linville has worked towards his professional debut with the full support of Fire Power Honda’s amateur squad and transferred directly into the night show. ‘602’ just missed out on a spot in the main, but he showed a lot of potential in his heat race as he battled inside of the top ten for seven of the eight laps.

With momentum on their side, the Fire Power Honda will turn attention to the next round of 2023 Monster Energy Supercross in Tampa this weekend. The 250SX East riders will take to the track for the second week in succession.

Max Anstie: “What a night for all of us in Houston! I did not know where we would be at round one, but I was really pleased with our speed and how competitive my CRF250R was. It is great to reward the team with a trophy and, hopefully, this is just the start for us. I am excited to continue our progress and make more steps forward with my crew.”

Dean Wilson: “Houston was awesome and we are getting better with each weekend! We qualified inside of the top ten and were one spot better in the main, with a twelfth. There are some small improvements. Congratulations to my teammate, Max Anstie, and the whole team on a great night.”

Konsky (Yarrive): “Massive congratulations to Martin Davalos and the team.  Martin hasn’t stopped developing the bike and we appreciate it. To everyone at Factory Connection, thank you for selfless efforts and to all of our partners who help make this happen. Last but not least to Max, we thank you for your trust and commitment”


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