Due to unfortunate circumstances, Muc-Off Honda Racing will have no riders on track this weekend in Salt Lake City. Team owner Yarrive Konsky cannot remember a time where this has ever been the case during his 20 years with Honda.

“It’s a really tough situation to be in and we considered some riders substituting for the injured Brayton and Oldenburg but Supercross is so specialised and the top riders all have rides. We are looking at other alternatives we can commit to throughout the year to make up for our absence,” said Konsky.

Whilst Justin Brayton is not racing, he has committed to a full-time slot with race day live.

“I want to thank Feld for allowing me to be part of their commentary team, also to all the fans for their encouraging comments. I enjoy learning all aspects of Supercross, but nothing compares to lining up behind the gate. I tried riding on Tuesday but it was painful, still very tender. It was nice to put the gear on again though. ” Said Brayton.

Mitchell Oldenburg’s premature end to a great season has not dampened his spirit. The courageous rider won’t compete in what would have been his final 250 East Coast race for the season.

“It’s unfortunate what’s happened but this has been a great year for me. Racing the 450 was fun and I got some great results, I also got some top five finishes in the 250. I am looking forward to getting back on the bike and racing again once I’m all healed up,” said Oldenburg.

The team’s 250 West Coast rider Mitchell Harrison is busy preparing for the East/West shoot out next weekend, which marks the final round of the FIM World Supercross Championship.

The Muc-Off Honda Racing team rig is present this weekend for fans to come and check out.

Want to watch it live? Head to www.supercrosslive.tv and download the pass.


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