The second round of the East Coast Supercross Championship played host to the triple crown format. Racers compete in three individual finals and points are combined to give an overall score.

It was a brisk cold day outside, the spectacular indoor stadium, which was packed to the rafters with fans kept everyone warm. The Cowboy’s stadium was transformed into a fast, technical, and flowing racetrack. The track builders filled the entire arena with dirt and created some big rhythm sections. The tabletop to tabletop was over 73 feet.

Racing was intense and everyone raced as though championships were on the line. Jordon Smith qualified straight through to the night show, whilst Jarrett Frye had to qualify for a second time through the last chance qualifier.

“I am glad I won the last chance qualifier again, but this isn’t the way I want to be making the night show. I am not riding anywhere near my potential and its frustrating”, said Frye.

Jordon’s night proved challenging, a solid 6th in his first of three finals was followed by a 10th in the second final.

“I didn’t feel great all day. I had a small crash in qualifying and hurt my elbow. In race 1 I did ok but rode sensible, in race 2 I gated well and felt stronger, we made a small change to the rear, and it was working. Unfortunately, I ended having two falls, one I couldn’t avoid as a rider crashed in front of me over a jump. I was happy to get up and get back to 10th”, said Smith.

Jordon’s final race was good enough to give him 5th overall and move him into 7th in the championship. Only 14 points off 3rd.

“I have some things I need to work on, we improved the bike over the weekend, but I can’t afford these falls. 5th was great and we are within striking range of the top 3. I want to be a podium guy and we will work hard to get there”, said Smith.

Frye had another trying day of racing and is riding way below his potential. He finished 19th overall.

“Falling never helps as you can’t afford to lose anytime to these front runners. My riding during the week is so much faster than how I am racing. We will work harder this week and I am looking forward to Daytona”, said Frye.

MTF (Millsaps Training Facility) built a Daytona style Supercross track this past week for riders to prepare on and Jordon Smith hopes it gives him the advantage he needs heading into a race he has won before.

“MTF is awesome, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them and the support they are providing the team this year is priceless. They built a track that’s similar in many ways to Daytona. It combines motocross and supercross and will help us all better prepare for Daytona. As much as I want to win every race, I am trying to be consistent this year and finish the championship. The past few seasons have been hard, and I need accept there is a process to getting back on top”, concluded Smith.


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