The final round of the FIM World Supercross Championship has arrived and Muc-Off Honda Racing reflects on their first full season racing across both coasts and in the 450 class.

Netting a podium in the ultra-competitive 450 class was a certain highlight for the team and something they want more of in the future.

“We proved that we could race against the best teams and riders in the world but we also made a lot of mistakes along the way that we have to learn from, it’s been an eventful season and I am really grateful to my team,” said Muc-Off Honda Racing team owner, Yarrive Konsky.

Whilst Justin Brayton’s year ended in round 11 due to injury, he is proud of the team’s achievements in their first full season.

“Its been such an eventful year and I am so stoked that I was able to podium at round 2, that really made the year for me! I would have loved more but that’s the way racing goes, the injuries were tough but I loved all of the opportunities that came from racing this year. The team worked so hard and learnt a lot so if Yarrive and the team do it all again next year I think they will be even stronger,” said Brayton.

Mitchell Oldenburg suffered a similar fate, where his season ended and not on his terms.

“I am really happy with the progress we were making. I got some top five finishes in the 250 class and some top 15 finishes in the 450 class. It’s a brutal sport and it’s as hard mentally as it is physically but we know the risks and I can’t let this beat me. I am just bummed for our sponsors and the team. This isn’t the way I wanted to finish,” said Oldenburg.

The team’s remaining rider Mitchell Harrison will race the East vs West shootout this weekend and believes that he can run inside the top eight against the best riders from both coasts.

“I have been getting more comfortable and confident each week. The bike continues to get great starts and everything is working well so bring on this last round.” Harrison said.

Team director Yarrive Konsky hopes that Harrison and Oldenburg will finish inside the top 10 overall in their respective classes and coasts. In what has been a trying year, he is optimistic about the future.

“It’s our first full season and it’s been challenging to navigate this through the pandemic. I know we can only improve from here and we have laid a solid foundation to build off. The mistakes we have made we have learnt from and we will put things in place to ensure they don’t happen again” Konsky finished.


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