The Muc-Off Honda Racing team are thankful for the opportunity to be racing in the biggest Supercross Championship in the World and are pleased that each day brings a new opportunity.

“Round five was tough and it’s unfortunate we can’t change it so we are 100% focused on tonight’s race; as we know every day provides us with new opportunities,” said Yarrive Konsky, Muc-Off Honda Racing team Owner.

The team have worked tirelessly to be well prepared for round six, and Justin Brayton praised their efforts.

“These guys just keep giving. I bent my bike up a bit from the last race and Mitchells bike needed some work too so everyone has just put their heads down and got it done. Its also so cold here in Indianapolis, so I am super proud of my teams’ effort to be ready in these freezing conditions. We can’t wait to race.” Brayton said.

The team knows that racing is unpredictable, but note that is what makes it so exciting.

“I am more eager now to step up, we were doing well, my times were solid and I am feeling comfortable. We know what went wrong, we have fixed it and our positive focus is on the remaining rounds. You can’t dwell on the past, it wont change anything,” said the teams SX2 rider, Mitchell Oldenburg.

The Muc-Off Honda Racing team heads into round six with one podium and they are striving to be inside the top five.

“Brayton and I can run top five. We both know that and we are going to give it our all to achieve that here tonight. We know anything can happen, but we have regrouped and we feel positive. Our team, bikes and crew are great and we cant wait for the gate to drop!” Finished Oldenburg.

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