The penultimate round of the 2022 AMA East Coast Championship didn’t go as planned for the Firepower Honda Team.

The morning started well with both riders qualifying inside the top 10. Smith and Frye lined up in heat 1 and finished 3rd and 6th respectively which transferred them both to the main event.

The main event started well for Smith who was sitting in 3rd before he came together with another rider in a corner which resulted in him falling.
He remounted and worked his way back to 14th.

“This was a disappointing end to a great day.  I felt strong, even with a broken finger and torn ligament. The first crash wasn’t my fault, but I made another mistake during the race which made things hard. I am disappointed for the team and our sponsors, and I will be working hard to finish strong in Salt Lake City”, said Smith.

Frye didn’t get a great start in the final and struggled to find the form he had shown earlier in the day. He finished 17th.

“I had one of my best qualifiers and felt good in the heat race.  I can’t tell you what happened in the final, I can’t. I just didn’t make it happen.  I have two weeks to prepare for Salt Lake City.  The team and I have regrouped, and I will try to finish better”, said Frye.

Point standings
Jordon Smith – 7th overall
Jarrett Frye – 20th overall

Photo credit – Michael Antonovich


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